S&P 500

Delayed USA - 09/19 11:17:58 pm

A decrease of 0.5% in the first exchanges

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08/12/2019 | 08:56 am
Opinion : Check out the trading range breakout 2892 / 2943 
The S&P500 finished last week slightly down by 0.46%, while limiting its losses and saving the 2900 points mark at the weekly close. The Dow Jones fell by 0.75% while the Nasdaq100 fell by 0.6%. Fears about global growth and persistent trade tensions continue to plague U.S. markets, which are more volatile despite the summer months.

Due to the lack of good news, U.S. indices should start this week down. Operators are closely monitoring the tensions in Hong Kong, while China has said it sees "signs of terrorism" in this protest movement.

In this context, the S&P500 is expected to fall by 0.5% to close to 2900 points.

From a technical point of view, in terms of time data, the technical recovery phase encountered the 2940-point line, implying a flat consolidation below this level. The American extended index thus naturally returns to the next support close to 2892 points, a level that must be maintained if we are not to quickly review 2860 points, then 2820 points per extension.
Jordan Dufee
Zonebourse.com 2019
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