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TrackInsight: Boost in performance for palladium

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02/14/2020 | 04:13 pm
Price of palladium soared in 2019 and is up again in 2020.

The 17 ETFs tracking the price evolution of palladium through the London Metal Exchange Palladium index and gathered in the corresponding segmenthave risen by 2,05% on average yesterday (Thursday, February 13th). The price of palladiumsoared in 2019 and is up again in 2020 due to the supply/demand deficitwhichconstantly increases. It is particularly used by the automotive industry for gasoline-powered cars. Over the 1Y rolling period, the Palladium segment won more than 70% and it already progressed by 25% since the beginning of the year. The segment represents 900M of assets under management. 2020
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