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Under pressure with China

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08/14/2019 | 09:11 am
Opinion : Bearish under 7740 
Target price : 7300 
Technology stocks are subject to significant variations depending on the announcements on the trade dispute or on the quality of Chinese growth. The destabilization centres are therefore gaining prominence and the clues are being heckled. Nasdaq does not escape these "intraday" amplitudes.

For several sessions, the level of Vix has risen to 25 from 14 throughout July. Over the last five days, variations can be more than 15% for some stocks, such as NetEase, AMD or JD.COM.

Graphically, in daily data, there is a discrepancy between the short averages that are on a downward trend and the long moving averages, which are always positive. The blocking under 7740 points twice validates the relevance of the area. A fence beyond this upper limit will be required to eliminate the major downside risks. On the other hand, under this resistance, the objective of returning to 7300 remains accessible.

Patrick Rejaunier 2019
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