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Genting Berhad : Big stink as officials battle to fix Chatsworth sewage problem | Daily News

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05/16/2019 | 08:55 am

Durban - BREATHING in fresh air has become a thing of the past for the Chatsworth community as they have had to contend with the stench of sewage since last month’s torrential rain and floods.

For more than two weeks, residents and a ward councillor have been struggling, to no avail, to get eThekwini Municipality to fix the problem.

Jennifer Maraj, 34, and her father, Mariemuthu Maduray, 71, bear the worst of the problem on Crimby Avenue in Westcliff, because their property holds the mainline.

Maraj said sand got into the sewer system during the heavy rains and although contractors tried several times to sort out the problem, they had been unsuccessful.

“I have raw sewage in my home and there are faeces floating in our yards. We have at least four reference numbers and whenever I call the municipality, I am told that the job is listed as complete. But all the contractors just dilly-dally and then tell the municipality the job is done,” she said.

Maraj said they cannot use the bathroom or kitchen because they do not know what could be in the water. Unable to live on the property, they are sleeping with family and friends and are desperate for the issue to be rectified. She had taken days off work and also tried calling the presidential hotline in desperation.

Maduray said the sewage flows through the system from the top of the road and down to the last home, which is theirs.

“In the morning, you can hear the flushing and bubbling of the sewer when people leave for school and work, then again in the afternoon when everyone is back. During the day I go away because of the smell.

“We don’t cook and live off fast food or eat out,” he said.

Ward councillor Sathasivan Govender said he had escalated the issue with the city several times and on Monday afternoon there were five vehicles there to sort out the problem.

“She (Maraj) has the mainline trunk and the sewage is seeping through her foundation, but even though there were five vehicles there, they still couldn’t rectify the matter. The sanitation and wastewater department is supposed to deal with the matter,” he said.

Govender said more than one area in his ward and surrounding wards had sewage problems, including in Westcliff, Woodhurst and Silverglen.

On Friday the municipality said diving operations in the Port of Durban were prohibited after a number of pumps failed at the Mahatma Gandhi Pump Station, from where sewage flowed into the harbour at Lavender Creek. The municipality said it would embark on a process to dose the overflow and aerate the polluted area until the repaired pump was reinstalled, which was expected to be on Monday.

eThekwini Municipality spokesperson Msawakhe Mayisela said: “A team was sent to investigate and address the sewer blockage and found that like all the other blockages reported, it was a normal blockage. We have a team on site still working on the problem.”

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