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Expect the comeback of a strong trend

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Anas Lozach

Strategy published on : 03/13/2018 | 09:17

long trade
Stop-loss triggered

Entry price : 121.6€
Target : 145€
Stop-loss : 109.15€
Potential : 19.24%

Eramet shares are locked into a trading range. This phase will eventually have to end with a return of a clear trend.
Investors have an opportunity to buy the stock and target the € 145.


● The company has strong fundamentals. More than 70% of listed companies have a lower mix of growth, profitability, debt and visibility criteria.

● In a short-term perspective, the company has interesting fundamentals.


● As regards fundamentals, the enterprise value to sales ratio is at 1.01 for the current period. Therefore, the company is undervalued.

● Over the last 4 months, analysts have significantly revised upwards the company's estimated sales.

● Over the last twelve months, the sales forecast has been frequently revised upwards.

● For the past twelve months, EPS forecast has been revised upwards.

● For the past year, analysts covering the stock have been revising their EPS expectations upwards in a significant manner.

● Analysts covering this company mostly recommend stock overweighting or purchase.

● The tendency within the weekly time frame is positive above the technical support level at 69.15 EUR


● Stock prices approach a strong long-term resistance in weekly data at EUR 124.2.

● Technically, the stock approaches a strong medium-term resistance at EUR 130.5.

● As estimated by analysts, this group is among those businesses with the lowest growth prospects.

● Prospects from analysts covering the stock are not consistent. Such dispersed sales estimates confirm the poor visibility into the group's activity.

● Financial statements have repeatedly disappointed market stakeholders. Most often, they were below expectations. 2018
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