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Underpinned by a support level

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Jordan Dufee

Strategy published on : 06/11/2018 | 09:04

long trade
Stop-loss triggered

Entry price : 64.73€
Target : 67.5€
Stop-loss : 63.3€
Potential : 4.28%

The technical support around 63.71 EUR emanating from daily closing prices could trigger a technical rebound for Danone shares.
Investors have an opportunity to buy the stock and target the € 67.5.


● The company has solid fundamentals for a short-term investment strategy.


● The current area is a good opportunity for investors interested in buying the stock in a mid or long-term perspective. Indeed, the share is moving closer to its lower bound at EUR 63.65 EUR in weekly data.

● Share prices are approaching a strong support area in daily data, which offers good timing for investors.

● The company returns high margins, thereby supporting business profitability.

● Predictions on business development from analysts polled by Thomson-Reuters are tight. This results from either a good visibility into core activities or accurate earnings releases.

● This company will be of major interest to investors in search of a high dividend stock.

● Analysts covering this company mostly recommend stock overweighting or purchase.

● The average target price set by analysts covering the stock is above current prices and offers a tremendous appreciation potential.


● According to forecast, a sluggish sales growth is expected for the next fiscal years.

● The group shows a rather high level of debt in proportion to its EBITDA.

● For the last twelve months, sales expectations have been significantly downgraded, which means that less important sales volumes are expected for the current fiscal year over the previous period.

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