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BRAZIL MINERALS, INC. : Other Events (form 8-K)

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08/14/2019 | 09:49 pm

Item 8.01. Other Events.

On August 7, 2019, the Company obtained the rights over claims for rare earths
areas totaling 12,528 acres in Brazil and comprising three mineral rights. Two
mineral rights are in the state of Goiás and one mineral right is in the state
of Tocantins

Brazil is one of only very few countries where rare earths are known to occur in
concentrations allowing economic recovery. The term "rare earths" denotes a
group of seventeen minerals which are needed in small amounts but essential in
several high-technology applications including electric vehicles and military
hardware. China appears to control the majority of the world's supply of rare
earths according to multiple news media articles that appeared recently.


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