Boeing Company (The)

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Boeing Company (The) : The bears are taking over

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David Meurisse
Contributor / Partner

Strategy published on : 03/24/2020 | 09:03

short sell
Stop-loss triggered

Entry price : 121.693$
Target : 110.5$
Stop-loss : 127.1$
Potential : 9.2%

The underlying trend is clearly bearish for stocks in Boeing Company (The). This should continue to be the case over the coming trading sessions.
Investors should open a short trade and target the $ 110.5.


● The company has poor fundamentals for a short-term investment strategy.


● The share is getting closer to its long-term support in weekly data, at USD 95.01, which offers good timing for buyers.

● Graphically speaking, the timing seems perfect for purchasing the stock close to the USD 95.01 support.

● Growth is a substantial asset for the company, as anticipated by dedicated analysts. Within the next three years, growth is estimated to reach 49% by 2022.

● The company is one of the best yield companies with high dividend expectations.

● The average target price set by analysts covering the stock is above current prices and offers a tremendous appreciation potential.


● Sales estimates for the next fiscal years vary from one analyst to another. This clearly highlights a lack of visibility into the company's future activity.

● The firm trades with high earnings multiples: 22.83 times its 2020 earnings per share.

● The sales outlook for the group was lowered in the last twelve months. This change in forecast points out a decline in activity as well as pessimistic analyses of the company.

● For the last twelve months, sales expectations have been significantly downgraded, which means that less important sales volumes are expected for the current fiscal year over the previous period.

● For the past seven days, analysts have been lowering their EPS expectations for the company.

● For the last four months, earnings estimated by analysts have been revised downwards with respect to the next two years.

● For the last 12 months, analysts have been regularly downgrading their EPS expectations. Analysts predict worse results for the company against their predictions a year ago.

● The technical configuration over the long term remains negative on the weekly chart below the resistance level at 197.75 USD 2020
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