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Bango : launches direct carrier billing with Entel in Chile

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06/13/2018 | 06:46 pm

Bango has announced that millions of Entel subscribers in Chile are now able to pay using their phone bill for the massive array of content and services sold in Google Play, including Minecraft, Tinder and Google Play Music, according to a press release.

Pre and post-paid Entel subscribers can simply click-to-buy using carrier billing, placing the charge on their Entel phone bill, for instant access to their favorite games, music, movies and more.

"Launching carrier billing in Google Play through the Bango Platform enhances our offering, providing a safe, easy to use payment method so our customers can enjoy the very best content on offer in the world's biggest app store," Matías del Campo, who is the market people manager at Entel Chile, said in the press release.

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