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Back on a long term support level

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David Meurisse
Contributor / Partner

Strategy published on : 05/15/2019 | 09:45

long trade
Stop-loss triggered

Entry price : 1122.55$
Target : 1197$
Stop-loss : 1087$
Potential : 6.63%

Alphabet shares reflect an interesting technical chart pattern from a medium term view In fact, the support at 1119.63 USD represents an important technical support area based on weekly price data that could limit downward movements by the stock.
Investors have an opportunity to buy the stock and target the $ 1197.


● The company has strong fundamentals. More than 70% of listed companies have a lower mix of growth, profitability, debt and visibility criteria.


● The share is getting closer to its long-term support in weekly data, at USD 1119.63, which offers good timing for buyers.

● The prospective high growth for the next fiscal years is among the main assets of the company

● Margins returned by the company are among the highest on the stock exchange list. Its core activity clears big profits.

● Thanks to a sound financial situation, the firm has significant leeway for investment.

● Analysts have a positive opinion on this stock. Average consensus recommends overweighting or purchasing the stock.

● The difference between current prices and the average target price is rather important and implies a significant appreciation potential for the stock.

● The stock is in a well-established, long-term rising trend above the technical support level at 1119.63 USD


● The company's enterprise value to sales, at 4.06 times its current sales, is high.

● With a 2019 P/E ratio at 24.63 times the estimated earnings, the company operates at rather significant levels of earnings multiples.

● Revenue estimates are regularly revised downwards for the current and coming years. 2019
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