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Alcoa : Massena Might Takeover Water Plant

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11/19/2017 | 03:47 pm

Town of Massena officials have an opportunity to take over a water plant at Alcoa's former Massena East plant, which could allow them to provide water service to customers in that area.

"At some point we need to start talking about the situation at the Alcoa East plant. We have the potential to take over a water plant at the Alcoa East plant that was operable," Town Supervisor Joseph D. Gray told council members Wednesday.

He said taking over the water plant would give them the ability to provide water to the port of entry, as the federal government's General Services Administration had requested last year. They had been asked to extend a water line to the south side of the Seaway International Bridge to serve Customs and Border Protection officers, who had previously received their water from the former Alcoa East plant.

"The last time I talked to them, they were pursuing drilling a well," Mr. Gray said.

Taking over the water plant could also give them the ability to provide water service to any tenant that might set up at the former General Motors site once cleanup is complete. Mr. Gray said the former Powertrain plant had received its water from the Alcoa East plant, "but that changed over the years."

He said Alcoa has indicated the transfer "would be very favorable to the town" if they decided to move forward.

"I think it's something we should definitely pursue," Mr. Gray said.

Councilman Samuel D. Carbone Jr., who will be taking a tour of the site, said he'll be talking with engineers who are familiar with the project. He has also talked with a representative from the state Department of Health.

"They were pretty impressed with the water plant. I want to look at the water plant and see what's ahead as far as maintenance and look at what's out there," Mr. Carbone said.

Mr. Gray said they needed to find out the condition of the water lines. He noted the pumps are the originals from 1958.

"The controls are newer. Alcoa told me the potable water system is in good shape," he said.

Highway Superintendent Frank Diagostino cautioned board members that, if they took over the plant, it would require operations and maintenance.

"If it's maintained, it will run forever. You have to have somebody to do that," he said.

Mr. Gray said Alcoa had contracts for maintenance and operation of the plant.

"They said it's typically about two days of work there," he said.

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